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Use it to add products you come across on the internet to your shopsimple.

+ Post to ShopSimple ← Drag to your browser's Bookmarks Bar

How to install it?

Drag the "Post to ShopSimple" button to your browser's Bookmark bar.

How to install it
How does it work?

Step1. When you are visiting a website and see a product you like, click the "Post to ShopSimple" button on your browser. This will scan the current page and look for images you can add (images too small will be ignored; you may enlarge the image before you posting).

Step2. The images for the current product will be gathered together. When you move your mouse over them, the "Post to ShopSimple" button appears, click it to post.

Step3. A new tab will open when you choose an image to post. You can enter product title, price there. At the same time, you can organize it in your collection. The product is added to ShopSimple when you click the button "Post to ShopSimple".

How does it work

The "Post to ShopSimple" button for your browser is meant to add products from sites you visit and save them in your personal collections. If you want to post a product from ShopSimple, you don't need to use the "Post to ShopSimple" button, just SAVE directly on the website.

You can also upload images from your computer. Be sure enter the URL that matches the image.

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