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mariaregina18 mariaregina18 saved this to My Wishlist via Breeze, posted by Sweetiee

mariaregina18 mariaregina18 I want it to be part of my collections. #Victorian

Sweetiee Sweetiee @trixia You can place order here in our store: Or you can ...

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aisteru_0501 aisteru_0501 how i can buy this because i lyk it

Sweetiee Sweetiee @belinda28 @LiLprettycute Then, please refer to the link to know how to make th...

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Kaiya_Pierah Kaiya_Pierah saved this to My Wishlist via meidoudou, posted by Sweetiee

lesliebesanachueng lesliebesanachueng How to buy this chain?

xinmei1018 xinmei1018 extremely pretty and wild sexy red is most liked by me

yishengjun yishengjun saved this to fashion via airiel, posted by Sweetiee

iva0998 iva0998 saved this to My Wishlist via SnowBunny42813, posted by Sweetiee

delacruzmaryjane378 delacruzmaryjane378 Nice i like that

Sweetiee Sweetiee @maeflores Hey, Just click the above picture to go to our online store. Also, yo...

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vinas vinas fashion necklaces

sallydress sallydress fashion necklaces

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robertsonbriana5 robertsonbriana5 i need this like now!!!

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