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ShopSimple is a simple and effective platform to help online stores who focus on women’s fashion grow their businesses and reach more buyers. No matter what size of your business, you can always gain a big return on any investment with ShopSimple. Whether you have a free official account on ShopSimple or not, you are able to experience how effectively and efficiently ShopSimple can help you gain sales instantly. Join our ad project now!

There are three ad options on ShopSimple:

1. Ads on Trending Page (Homepage)

There are three ad positions on this page, the ads are arranged among the top 10 products displayed, but the first ad position is always fixed. This 'position 1' ad is shown in the image.

Two others will be arranged every 4 products.

Location of Ads Cost ( per week)
Position 1 on trending page $150
Position 2 on trending page $100
Position 3 on trending page $75
How to install it
2. Banner Ads on Homepage

The ad positions here charges the same, seen in the image.

Location of Ads Cost ( per week)
Position 1 on trending page $100
Position 2 on trending page $100
Position 3 on trending page $100
How to install it
3. Ads on Product Page

This placement is where the Ad is arranged at the top right of the product page, as shown in the image.

E.g. If your business sells 'shoes' then the best category suggested for you would be “Shoes” for your ad, this means that your ad will be shown at the top right of all the products in the category of “Shoes”, not just the first page! The price varies by category as follows and is based on the popularity of the categories:

Location of Ads Cost ( per week)
Popular categories $250
Other categories $100

Note: popular categories include weddings, clothing, shoes, Jewelry & Watches and occasion dresses.

How to install it
1. What is the pricing structure?
With ads on ShopSimple, you’re charged for ad displaying, rather than per click. The cost is calculated on a weekly basis, and the price is fixed with no hidden charges.
As more and more fashion lovers rush to ShopSimple every day, exposure to your ads raises at the same time, which means you can grab more customers with the same cost per week.
2. How does the Ad work?

Step 1:Choose the Ads type that fits your online store best, contact us via to get your Ads live.

Step 2:Your ads go live in the positions you pay for.

Step 3:Tons of buyers are browsing products and making purchase decisions on ShopSimple, your ads display in front of them, which catches their attention.

Step 4:By ‘clicking’, your ads lead the buyers that have great interest in and huge purchase intent to your store.

Step 5:You gain more potential customers and sales.

3. Can I cancel my ads and get my money back?
Once you confirm your ad, you can contact us to change it, but you are unable to cancel it.

Got more questions? We’re here to help! Email us for free support via

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